Character Strength Descriptions:

Virtue of Wisdom

  • Creativity: Original, adaptive, ingenuity, seeing and doing things in different ways
  • Curiosity: Interest, novelty-seeking, exploration, openness to experience
  • Judgment: Critical thinking, thinking through all sides, not jumping to conclusions
  • Love of Learning: Mastering new skills & topics, systematically adding to knowledge
  • Perspective: Wisdom, providing wise counsel, taking the big picture view

Virtue of Courage

  • Bravery: Valor, not shrinking from threat or challenge, facing fears, speaking up for what’s right
  • Perseverance: Persistence, industry, finishing what one starts, overcoming obstacles
  • Honesty: Authenticity, being true to oneself, sincerity without pretense, integrity
  • Zest: Vitality, enthusiasm for life, vigor, energy, not doing things half-heartedly Virtue of Humanity
  • Love: Both loving and being loved, valuing close relations with others, genuine warmth
  • Kindness: Generosity, nurturance, care, compassion, altruism, doing for others
  • Social Intelligence: Emotional intelligence, aware of the motives/feelings of self/others, knowing what makes other people tick

Virtue of Justice

  • Teamwork: Citizenship, social responsibility, loyalty, contributing to a group effort
  • Fairness: Adhering to principles of justice, not letting feelings bias decisions, equal opportunity for all
  • Leadership: Organizing group activities to get things done, positively influencing others

Virtue of Temperance

  • Forgiveness: Mercy, accepting others’ shortcomings, giving people a second chance, letting go of hurt when wronged.
  • Humility: Modesty, letting one’s accomplishments speak for themselves
  • Prudence: Careful about one’s choices, cautious, not taking undue risks
  • Self-Regulation: Self-control, disciplined, managing impulses, emotions, and vices

Virtue of Transcendence

  • Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence: Awe and wonder for beauty, admiration for skill/ excellence, elevation for moral beauty
  • Gratitude: Thankful for the good, expressing thanks, feeling blessed
  • Hope: Optimism, positive future-mindedness, expecting the best & working to achieve it
  • Humor: Playfulness, bringing smiles to others, lighthearted – seeing the lighter side
  • Spirituality: Connecting with the sacred, purpose, meaning, faith, religiousness
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