Time to meet each other! Start by introducing yourself!

This marks the beginning of your adventure with the Lebanon Growth Accelerator.

Create a new topic in the “Welcome and Introductions category” with your name, and a loom video sharing something you love about Lebanon. It can be a favorite image, song, wikipedia article…

When you are done, please click on some of the other posts and leave a comment on at least two other posts. This is how we can start to connect with each other.

Steps ##:

  1. Download loom or install the chrome plugin .
  2. Using Loom, record a video, sharing something you love from Lebanon.
  3. Create a new post in the Welcome And Introductions Category and share your video.
  4. You’re not done till you’ve responded to at least 2 other videos with a comment! See who you haven’t said hello to yet and respond to what they shared!