About the Day 3: Before you start a company

Questions to answer before you start a company – Jul 25

Increase your chances of building a successful business by taking these few simple steps first.

Use this forum category as your discussion space, to elaborate on your startup fundamentals and get feedback.

The assignment today:

  1. Please make a copy of the checklist document. Here is how.
  1. Fill in your answers, as detailed as possible
  2. Get back on this forum and create a topic “Checklist: your startup name” to share your experience or if you need any help.

Today’s Mentor:

Tudor Tarlev is an Amsterdam-based learning experience designer and serial entrepreneur involved in tech and education. For the last 10 years, he launched several social and business ventures and worked on projects across Europe, US, and Asia.

Bonus resources:

  1. Before you start a company talk by Paul Graham of Y Combinator
    Lecture 3 - Before the Startup (Paul Graham) - YouTube

  2. Entrepreneurship Books’ summaries