Anthony's two truths and a lie

Hi All,
I’m Anthony from Beirut. Here are three possibly factual things about me.

  • Have run 12 marathons
  • Co-authored a physics book in high school
  • History enthusiast and love learning about the past

Welcome Ali!! I am living also in Beirut.
Something is telling me that you haven’t run 12 marathons :thinking:

hello ali! nice to meet you here in the community! i also doubt your 12 marathons run :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @liwaaazzam56 @rma156
Does my name appear as Ali?
Why do you guys doubt that I may have run 12 marathons? I have met people who have run over a 100!

/me laughs! I think @rma156 saw “All” and that looks sort of like Ali! His name is Anthony! (and it’s in bold :))

I’d say you’ve co-authored a physics book, you probably co-authored a biology book. Slight tweaks are easy lies.


(I read your project description and it is really exciting(would love it if you could share either a pitch/or a writeup on the feedback area). I’m wondering what your point of entry would be and the business forces at play during the crowd data aggregation period. There are a few initiatives starting in Lebanon to work on helping people access the public transportation system (creating bus maps) or creating safer alternatives (rating buses (project 1) and creating new networks between hubs with clean buses with wifi (project 2)) - and the big differentiator I see with yours is the scope and scale you’re looking to target. Help me dream with you the breadcrumbs that will lead you there from here.

Huge hugs and I’m a bus taker (or walker) here in Beirut and I definitely cheer you on!


You did not write a physics book! Welcome Antony!

Ohhh My Bad!! I am sorrry I saw “All” as Ali :sweat_smile:
Welcome Anthony!!!