Dara's two truth and one lie

  1. As a child I wanted to become a professional dancer
  2. I can solve a rubix cube with my eyes closed
  3. I used to do maths for fun all throughout high school
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I’m inclined to pick #2, that sounds incredible and I’d love to see it! Share a video!

I guess it’s number 3

I think it’s number 1,cause if you can solve a rubiks cube with your eyes closed you probably would also enjoy math, the same goes the other way if you enjoy math you definitely will have to be interested in solving a Rubiks cube at the very least, and here comes the problem you might be able to solve a Rubiks cube but not while you are blinded.

I would say # 2… Great trick…

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Come on Dara! Let us know! Also, @raja.berbari , did you post your two truths and a lie yet? Need help figuring out how to do that?

#2 is the lie :slight_smile: I wish I could solve a rubix cube with my eyes open!


the number 2 is a lie, who is in ?

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I’m in with you @khoury.ichak - although I did like how @basselkanso82 deduced his answer ;D

number 2 is the lie I guess

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2 and 3 are pretty hard to believe , are you playing two lies and one truth ?

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No for the Rubbik’s Cube

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Yup can’t solve à rubix cube with my eyes open!

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Check this out https://nextdraft.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ed102783e87fee61c1a534a9d&id=855ae32867&e=90a16c8863

its so hard to pick between number 2 and number 3. both are hard to believee ahahhaha

I really did do math for fun, I was such a dork

dont think math is the truth :slight_smile:

It really is though!

:scream: Hehehehe for me it was trying to run away from the class xxx

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So apparently, doing math is actually essential https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/07/opinion/stem-girls-math-practice.html