Day 0 - Start Here

This marks the beginning of your adventure with the Startup Scouts Open House — SSOH :slight_smile: .

Assignment 0. Find a friend in three steps.

  1. Write a brief introduction
  2. Tell two truths and a Lie
  3. Respond to at least 3 other people’s posts here.

How To Create Topic

Please create a new topic inside the “Startup Scouts - Open House | Start Here.” category by clicking on the on the brown “Day 0 | Start Here.” button above, then click on the gray “+New Topic” button you see on the next page.

This video can help:


  • Add your name to the title so we can know who we’re learning about.
  • Share something unique about you in your short bio, it’s more fun when it’s juicy!
  • For the lie, try to surprise us.

Woo! :sparkler: NOW, for the real magic of Startup Scouts

The Real Magic:

You’ll start to notice the magic only after you’ve gone back to the Day 0 Category and responded to at least 3 other people’s introductions.
Remember if you type @ followed by their username it will notify them which is a great way to get someone’s attention.

Venture on!

My name is Joumana i am an author my first book was Alive first art Encyclopedia for Gibran Khalil Gibran
It was recognised by United Nations, our Lebanese President and the American Ambassador.

I love writing the letters and words are my best friends.

I am excellent in creating business concepts

Aiming to start my next project about Lebanese success stories


Eat lots of choclate and slim
Afraid of closed places
Have a dog and a cat


My name is mohammad nassar i complete my degree on managment information system , working as technician on alfa telecommunication company
Aiming to build a new application that help people

I love traveling , watching movies
Thank you


Hey @mhdnsr93 - what about moving this to the main subcategory for this post so others can find it easier:
:slight_smile: thanks for sharing!
I think your lie is that you love traveling… :wink:


Nice @joumanaboufakhreddin - how about you move this to a post in the #ss-open:feedback or #ss-open:pitches section :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I guess tge lie is that you feel afraid of closed places

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What do you think?
@mfakih325 will see what others say
@bilal what do you think?

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hello , eats lot of chocolate and slim how that could be

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This is a truth yes i eat lots of choclate and I am slim because i have a high metabolism :blush:

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Hello, I’m Ahmad khalifeh. I’m 21 years old. I study financial managememt at Lebanese University. And now I do an internship at banking sectors.
I love shopping and travel. I Like sushi.
And to discover many traditional cultures and foods.


Hello everyone. My name is Hiba Siddik, I studied fine arts and graduated. And now I am a first year student of Social Studies. I have no career yet and I am looking for one.
I LOVE food, travelling, photography, swimming and Owls…
The 2 truths about me:
1- again I love food (just to confirm)
Sometimes I wake up at night just to eat tomatoes. I am not so into drinking coffee but I am addicted to coffee beans🙈
2- I still don’t know how does this thing work properly.(talking about the site)
And the one lie is that I do not love shawerma.

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Hahahaha sure i like to travel

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Is the second statement the only nontrue thing?

welcome here, loving food is a luxury to be appreciated I guess