Destination AI - Free Course with Certification!

Artificial intelligence, everyone talks about it, but who really understands what it is? What it can and cannot do? How it already affects our lives?
By understanding how AI works and being able to identify the opportunities it offers
and the challenges it represents, you will have the tools not only to use this technology
properly, but also to decide how it should be developed in the future


Destination AI is designed for all types of learners, demands no prerequisites, and is accessible to everyone online and free of charge on the OpenClassrooms platform.
If you are simply curious and want to spend no more than a few hours to understand how AI impacts your work and your daily life, this course is for you. If you want a starting point to learn how you can actually make use of AI, or to explore the different jobs it can lead to, this course is also for you.
Join others who are taking up the challenge with #DestinationAI.


Destination AI is an initiative led by Institut Montaigne (a leading independent French think tank) and OpenClassrooms (a leader in online education), in partnership with the Fondation Abeona (an NGO promoting fair and ethical AI). It has also been made possible by the generous support of several organisations including the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Amazon Web Services, Hub France IA, Ingenico, L’Oréal, La Poste, Michelin, Orange, PwC, Sanofi and Systemis.


The Destination AI course is free and online and will take you no more than five or six hours to complete. It includes a series of lessons featuring videos with world-leading experts and interactive exercises.


After completing the course, you will be able to :
● Identify applications of artificial intelligence already present in everyday life (social networks, e-commerce…)
● Raise awareness about issues related to the ethical use of AI (what data is used, are algorithms biased, what information is fake)
● Identify the opportunities offered by AI (health, transport, environment)
● Describe the steps involved in developing and deploying an AI algorithm
● and more!

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