🗓 Digital Agriculture Solutions Forum 2023 🇯🇴

Land and water resources in NENA (Near East & North Africa) are limited and facing severe stress. Climate change projections suggest more drought and extreme events. A transformative approach is needed to support agricultural production system to become more productive and sustainable to address these challenges.

Digital agriculture has the potential to help smallholder farmers become more resilient and improve their livelihoods.

FAO and ITU have been working to assist members in developing a holistic approach to identifying, developing and implementing digital solutions for agriculture through the development of the national E-agriculture Strategy (www.fao.org/3/a-i5564e.pdf), this approach has now been implemented in a number of countries.

The three-day forum will also include an exhibition from digital agriculture solution providers. It will provide valuable opportunities for networking to further strengthen national digital agriculture implementation programmes and build partnerships.

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