Global Entrepreneurship Week is coming

GEW 2018 is from November 12 to 18 in 170+ countires, and Entreprenenery is Lebanon’s host for the 3rd year in a row!

join the GEW Lebanon events on this page, make sure you click on the event to know more details and contact the organizer for more details.

What else is happening during GEW, here is a list of 25 events and more to come, keep an eye on the official page here where you can find details about each event and discover new published events:

  1. Google Skills Training

  2. LOYAC PPD Launching Event

  3. How to manage your Startup as a project

  4. A Workshop on "ABC of Entrepreneurship Come with an Idea Leave with a Working Plan”

  5. Social Entrepreneurship - A Brighter Future with Rafik Hariri University

  6. The National Council of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NCEI) call for membership

  7. Storytelling Workshop by Joe Safi

  8. PITCHING SESSION ONE - PROOF OF NEWS Artificial Intelligence tool

  9. A Workshop in Design Thinking, Presented by Miss Aseel Honein

  10. How to Put AI in a Regulated Business

  11. Capture the Moment: Let’s Play! How Brands Use Gamification To Boost Engagement And Sales

  12. Power Breakfast- Lebanon’s New Framework of Data Management and Business Intelligence - Can AI help the ailing Public Sector

  13. Think Like An Entrepreneur

  14. Social Media Security

  15. Seedstars Beirut 2018

  16. Social Media Masterclass For Entrepreneurs And Pros MASTERCLASS & bus. Applications an ABC for Entrepreneurs"

  17. A Workshop on “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: an ABC for Entrepreneurs”

  18. A Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence Masterclass & bus. Applications : an ABC for Entrepreneurs”


  20. MIT Enterprise Forum Pan arab Ideation Workshop

  21. Berytech Meetup Special Edition - Protecting your IP Worldwide

  22. Independence Leadership Awareness Week

  23. IBDA Entrepreneurship Project

  24. Effective Project Management for Economic Growth

  25. Panel: Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurship

Hope you find these beneficial and let’s celebrate entrepreneurship everywhere.



Wish I could join! Can anyone who attend take notes and share them with the community?

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Check your local community for GEW events, you’ll likely find some. Which event are you interested in the most? If I know someone heading there, I’ll ask them to take notes. @rjghalayini

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Yaaay that would be amazing! I’ll check out the events as soon as I’m done with work and let you know. Thanks a lot for your help and support :grin:

@Dana that’s amazing, thanks for sharing! I will take a look at the events between today and tomorrow. I’ll most probably be out of the country for a work trip in Morocco between 19 and 26 November. So if there are session between these days I’m interested, I’ll share here in case someone can take notes too :smiley:

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Glad to hear @piachaib. Safe travels. Morocco - jealous!