Heba's 2 truths and 1 lie

Hey everyone, my name is Heba Fleihan. I love learning about a new topic every day (I read a lot). I am a software developer, and I am doing my masters in Bioinformatics !


Hi Heba! Welome to Startup Scouts. I would say that you are not doing a masters in Bioinformatics. Or are you? that would be so cool!

actually I am :smile:

AHA! That is so cool of you! Ok then you’re not a software developer?

no i’m not unfortunately, but I know a couple of languages like python and javascript

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I had to look up bioinformatics! Sounds like it covers computer science, biology and a lot of statistics. I would guess that you are not an avid reader - you have too much on your plate already.

actually I read everyday. I appreciate that you read more about Bioinformatics. :smile:My lie is that I’m not a software developer but I know languages and I’m studying Data science to couple it with my masters and my startup.

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Ohh nice to meet you!! I am computer engineering student and data science is one of my top interests!!

amazing!! nice to meet you too!

Ooo, lovely to meet you Heba! Have you sent us the answers to all the questions we need :)?