Hello, Bilal's Two Truths And a Lie!

Two truths and A Lie Bilal Edition:

  1. As a child my parents forgot me at the Grand Canyon.
  2. I have had a near death experience.
  3. I’ve applied to the same graduate school 8 times and was rejected 8 times.

Which do you think is the lie?! Haha!

That is very hard, I will have to say number 3, if it was true I would really like to know what school this is, cause why would you apply for it 8 times just whyyy?!! :joy:

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I agree with Bassel, there must be a limit to the number of applications you can send

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@basselkanso82 @daramouracade - will let you know when I get at least 4/5 answers, haha!!

From Speaking to you the other day, i’ say you were very persevering, so i’m thinking #1. Great story for the kids though… the time the grandparents left me at the grand canyon

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Spot on Raja. @bilal is he right?

My heart tells me to choose number 3.
Bilal, you have officially collected 4 answers. Do we get to know now? :slight_smile:

drumroll please

Yes, haha! Fine! I applied to media.mit.edu 8 times! And it would have been 10 if I hadn’t forgotten twice!

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So it’s storytelling time! Would love to know the stories behind 1 and 2

why didn’t you apply a ninth time ?

I will, this year I think :slight_smile:
That’s what they say, right? Ninth time is the charm?

@bilal I’m going for nb2 since the first and last are most expected to be lies :stuck_out_tongue:

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i would say first 2 are truth but last one is a lie

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It’s actually the 1st one that’s a lie ;D!

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Huge hugs!