Hello New Friends! It's Reem!

Hey Everyone!! It’s really amazing to go over your posts and see how many great people are there in this Platform.
I am Reem from Syria, a refugee in Lebanon. I am now in my second year, studying Computer Science at American University of Beirut.
I breath and eat books, I live within the pages of the books.
And I wish someday the education would be accessible for every single human on the earth because it is the key for a better world.

Here’s the two truths and a lie about me:
I love chocolate.
I have experienced near death situation.
I am good cooker :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Reeeem!


We at Startup Scouts strongly believe in your idea that education should be accessible for every human on earth and this is why we’re working to make a strong program that is also completely virtual.

Thanks to you and EVERYONE on the platform for putting in the effort to reach out and connect and support each other through this process. That’s the only way a virtual program can work. Please reach out and comment on people’s posts, you can find some people sharing their project for feedback here: #ss-open:feedback as well as check out any new posts that might be lonely (with no replies) here on the New category.

That’s how I found your post with no comments, sitting lonely. Come on guys! Let’s see what do you think her lie is?
@paul_raffoul24 @lina.p.alkhouri @carlazkh @happiness.h.83 @HodaBitar :slight_smile:

I think it’s that you’re a cook!
Tell us more about your near death experience!


Ahlen Reem! You’re no cook! And yes! Tell us about the near-death experience.

PS: I love books too! I have a reading challenge this year to read 52 books before year end. I’m currently reading Men without Women by Murakami. How about you?

hey Reem ! good to see you on the platform :slight_smile: i hope hope the second one is the lie because i wouldn’t want that to anyone sad im a computer science graduate, and might move soon to your university for masters ! also im a founder of a startup ! i believe computer science students fit in the startup community a lot. best of luck !!

something is telling that you don’t know how to cook :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I am a good cooker wink: My lie which no one was able to detect is that I don’t LIKE CHOCOLATE.

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Currently I am reading The Glass Castle… and I’ve been challenging myself by reading 50 books each year so in 2016 and 2017 I was able to finish 100 books :slight_smile:

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That’s weird. Why don’t you like chocolate? Don’t you think it’s one of the sweet pleasures of life? What kind of dessert do you enjoy?

That’s amazing! Are you on goodreads? We should talk books :smile:

I am on GoodReads but not much active … I always forget to add or check on the website … but yeah we should add each other!!

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Hi Reem
I am glad that Bilal has mentioned me on your post so I can try your food :stuck_out_tongue: lol I am kidding, I am really glad to know about you. As I am looking forward to know more.
I wish you all the best @rma156 @bilal @daramouracade

Hey guys …As a visual person, I’m glad to be mentioned in readers Post … what do you suggest me to read? @bilal @rma156 @daramouracade

I’m currently reading Men without Women by Murakami. What kind of books do you like to read?

I like to read about entrepreneur’s biography , arts …

Did you read Jobs, the biography of Steve Jobs? Great insights on his life

Nice suggestion :relaxed: I will

It’s awesome to see more people actually studying computer science, even though I haven’t seen universities focusing on software development, especially computer science major. Good luck !!

Also, I would recommend that you read " you don’t know JS " cause i loved it and im sure it would help you.
Email me if you need the book.

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