Hi All! I'm Noura

Born and raised in W. Africa( migration) and furthered my education in London. My entire direct family relocated back to Lebanon over 8years ago and ever since i’ve been working with International N.G.O’s. During this time I’ve figured out a huge gap in our Education system which is one major reason why we have unemployment issues in the country and I’m at a pilot stage(personally funded) trying to do something about it :hugs:

I love to dye my hair red, Loooove animals and I speak a W. African language :blush:


Awesome !

I guess the dyeing your hair red is the lie :no_mouth:

Hmmmm to be revealed soon :wink:

Which country in west Africa?

And agreed the red hair is the most likely lie

Togo and Ghana. Hehe you guys got it!

I don’t believe it, if you’d be willing I’d love a hair shot! Here’s mine:

Whats the huge gap in the educational system? Is it related to your startup project? Would you be willing to pitch it?
How to submit a great pitch, step by step.

PS, did you respond to 3 other people’s introductions? There’s lots of lovely people here to meet :slight_smile:

Huge hugs!


@nela_miraby I agree with you, we do have an gap in our education system. Would love to see someone taking an initiative to make a change!

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I think your lie is that you love animals …
For the education I agree with you and I am also want to do something about the education because I think it is the key for every single problems …

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Sorry guys! Been super busy juggling work and other things. I do love animals :relaxed: lie is I love to dye my hair red…i’m actually a natural red head ( i put that as my lie since i get asked that a lot) hehe :blush:


Great life journey.
I doubt your lie is dying your hair red, but possibly soaking a west African lingo?

I speak Twi very well (pronounced chwi) and Ga, not so fluently. My hair is red (no need to dye)

Gud one
Already red

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