I am Groot ! I come in peace

I am Groot…
Ehemm… excuse my english, i still mix between my native groot tongue and yours.

I’ve just arrived from another galaxy… I am groot. I graduated from AUG ( awesome university of groots ).
I’m an awesome digital marketer and front-groot developer.
I was able to arrive to your planet using my awesome start-up tech.
I am groot, I am groot…

I come in peace, and I’m hoping we can connect to unleash our inner groot and dazzle the galaxy from the grand serial…

I am groot… guess the lie


Lol i can’t figure out what you’re on about but I really enjoyed the ride! Lie is…wait for it…you’re groot! :grin:


I love this! You’re a gifted storyteller. What is your startup idea?

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Would love to know your startup idea too! It’s not absolutely required, yet it will really help us understand your needs and if the Sprint is a good fit for you if you send a video pitch in for feedback :slight_smile:

How to submit a great pitch, step by step.

Front-groot… HAHAHA, I can’t wait to see what you’re up to

PS, did you respond to 3 other people’s introductions? There’s lots of lovely people here to meet :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

Would love to show you what we are up to… We’ll be in contact soon, just point us to were you want us to write about it.

Also, we’ll try and have a video ready by first of next week.

Glad you enjoyed the story… With much more cooler and valuable content to be posted soon .