🇱🇧 Lebanon-based Green Business 🍃? TESSA Project is here!

The initiative has been proposed to encourage an energy transition that can drive economic development, employment inclusion, and environmental sustainability. The key components of this initiative are:

  1. :mega: Promotion of green businesses: Given the unreliable and inefficient centralized energy management, green solutions are considered more promising. The initiative aims to support the development of green businesses by providing better structuring, access to credit, and opportunities for growth.

  2. :man_teacher: Training of necessary skills and professional profiles: Despite high unemployment rates, there is a paradoxical situation where some companies struggle to find suitable employees while training centers produce graduates who cannot find employment. The initiative aims to bridge this gap by providing training programs aligned with the needs of green enterprises.

  3. :loudspeaker: Promotion of an enabling regulatory and institutional environment: Policies favoring green investments, such as the regulation of Energy Performance Contracting, are crucial to create a supportive environment. These policies can also help rebuild trust at the national level.

  4. :bulb: Capacity Building in energy management, measurement and verification and performance contracting and financing.

  5. :mechanic: Around 50 energy audits to be implemented; Fully Funded by ICU.

  6. :gear: Implementation of 10 pilot projects based on the ESCO business model; Partially Funded in grant-form financing.

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