Meditation track

I discovered that meditating 10min a day reduces my anxiety and restores my energy level.

I stumbled upon this meditation track last night and I was feeling exhausted, completely depleted and unmotivated. After listening to it, I felt so much better.

Anyone here tried meditation?


I love meditating! Although for me I need around 30 mins to really sink deeply into it.
A pro tip, don’t do it while you’re tired, you’ll fall asleep! So first thing when you wake or… maybe even after your first coffee ;D!


@daramouracade I meditate very often, the type of mediation I do is more like breathing exercises that helps me relax. As @bilal said it takes some time to sink into it because of our monkey mind that distracts us, but as long as you are aware of your breath and you don’t forget about it, it becomes easier to meditate with not too much concentration. This is an easy training for meditation if you would like to try :slight_smile:

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Love yoga, the track is amazing I’m saving it!!

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