My name is Dee, happy to e-meet you!

Hola ! My name is Dania , but please call me Dee! I’ve graduated recently from IE Business school in Madrid. It was the best experience in my life! I met people from all around the world and made friends in every corner on the planet!

Im travelling to India to do a yoga teaching program, Iam a vegetarian but I hate dogs


Welcome Dee!

IEBSIM, cool, heard a lot about it!

From your two truths and a lie I think it’s definitely that you are a vegetarian, you’re throwing us off with the yoga teaching program ;D

When do you go to India? Where?

So being into yoga and being a vegetarian are related. I’m going to say that you do like dogs actually. Am I right?

@bilal I’m going in September to Rishikesh, north of India and I’ll be staying there for a month. I’m very excited for this new experience as I’ve always wanted to take my practice to the next level, guess this is my chance now. Teaching might not be my primary goal but it’s more for the benefits of the journey. I will come back with a great amount of positivity and creative ideas hopefully :slight_smile:

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You’re absolutely right ! I love dogs. what about you? @daramouracade are you a cat person or a dog person ?

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Definitely a dog person! I’ve lived with a cat and it was barely bearable but I can’t wait to adopt a dog!