My suggestion for my country

Hey, It’s Mohammad I am a student at grade 12…
In a time when more than half of the people living think bad thoughts about lebanon (full of terorrism, all is garbage, and many othe culturald wrong thoughts), I’m working to have a small studio in which i, with the help of some fried who’d like to volunteer, launch a program, an entertaining program, that corrects some wrong thoughts about our one country, indirectly, in a funny way!
Note: The program’s series would be posted on the social media apps especially on YouTube


That’s a great idea! Do you have a story board for the first episode?

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thats great that what are we doing to do and that what i do as an event planner change the set up mind of it

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Yes, all the ideas are in mind, they just need to be written down :slight_smile:

Hey Mo! Love your initiative. Where would you base your studio? Would you consider collaborating with local ngo’s to gain some exposure?


Hey Nela!
Tge studio would be located in nabatieh, south Lebanon.
Of course it’d be better to collaborate :smiley:

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Brilliant for now! We’ll discuss more later.:blush:

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