New Friends Inspire me!

This is a shout out to all those who joined the Cold Call Challenge and offered to call other scouts, practicing bravery and in the processess getting to meet some amazing people. I want to shout out to those who made our call:
@iftikarmostafa @daramouracade @mjt07 @rida-helbawi @laradaniel @karim.kaakani @sarahmubarak94

I’d love for yall to upload your pitches and keep inspiring the whole community with your positive energy!

Also, if you’re hungry for more cool things to do, how about doing the assessment to get to know your strengths! Or prowling the New posts to see if there are any lonely community members saying hello.

We missed the rest of the people from the whatsapp group. Glad @Johnny22 has his priorities in order. Sometimes we gotta take care of ourselves first! Wish @AbirZaene could have made it too. @HodaBitar who’s totally going to make the next one. @Josephabuatme who’s probably still waiting for call backs. @rjghalayini who knows it’s Kharzaya ;D and @joumanaboufakhreddin who has been so kind to share her experiences with her interview tips post. @lina.p.alkhouri who’s now known as AEO (always energetic offline) and the ever efficient @anthony.sayegh :smiley: The super positive @Ralda and who could ever forget @AlaaChbaro and how much she shines with warmth.

I’m sure I’m missing some people, I just wanted to let you guys know that you are all amazing. That you can also edit your profile here.
Editing that will let you create a beautiful user profile like this:

And we can see all your beautiful faces on:

And never fear @jihadmatar, we did record the whole session:

Anyone reading this, feel free to message me or reply to this and we’ll add you to the Cold Call Challenge Dream Team (CCCDT) and give you some phone numbers of fellow Scouts for you to call. This is how you become a scout community leader (SCL).

Rest well and let’s get in touch tomorrow :slight_smile: