Pia's Two Truths and a Lie

Hey everyone! So here are my two truths and a lie (better late than never :see_no_evil: )

1- I’ve tried skydiving and it’s awesome!
2- I’ve been playing the piano for 17 years
3- I love “debs remmen” way too much

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I tried to do some research to find clues but your social media profile are a bit vague. I’d say #3 is the lie

hahaa nice try! it’s actually no.1 I’ve never tried skydiving but it’s on my to do list!


You should definitely do it! I skydived near Montréal in 2007, it was one the best experience of my life

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My guess was no.3 too!! I would love to try skydiving someday too!

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you’d be lying if you don’t love debs remmen !!

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@piachaib Could it be that you don’t play piano?

thanks god 3rd one wasnt a lie, who doesnt like debs el remen ? it fits with every platter ! fatoush, taboule, kebeh and many more ! #foodiehere