Some great pitch deck design tools!

Hello everyone!

I just found out about this interesting new pitchdeck tool, and I thought I’d share in case anyone is still struggling to have a beautiful world-class design:

(It’s also new and still free … but looks great so far!)

Some other people swear by Canva:

If anyone else has other great tips or tools … please share!

Sprint to the finish! :slight_smile: :muscle:t4: :metal:t4:




Beautiful.AI is indeed beautiful! I’m using it now to update the pitch slides :smiley: Thank you @DMN for sharing!

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There’s a really cool one called:
Super nice presentations and also free :slight_smile:


Thanks Jalal! I’m going to tag @jorne_greentrack to review!

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Thanks Bilal, much appreciated!
Hope you like our presentation on monday :slight_smile:

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