Techgirl with political insanity

Hello, my name is Rana Jbeily, I’m a graduates in Computer Science. I have a vision, enormous one.
Women and youth in Technology can lead the future.

I have told to a politician to say “Baltaje” :slight_smile:

Have a good day!


You did whaaat? I’d love to see this! Can I ask which politician it was?

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Hey Rana … I am also Studying Computer Science :wink: … it’s a great major isn’t it?
And go for your vision … This is actually what we should encourage and try to achieve in these days

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awesome Rana ! i graduated in computer science too ! and found myself in startups :slight_smile: great to see you here

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It’s a secret, you should be in the community to know and it’s hard to get in!!

The sprint community?

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Yes! The sprint community.

I’m one of the scout leaders @ranajbeily :wink:

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Oh, then I need to ask, if I got in?

Yes you are. Do you not have access? Are you in the WhatsApp group?

I am, hope to be from the finalist!