Two truth one lie

Hey ibrahim’s here! I like open debates, metal music and hate history lessons🙆🏻‍♂️


Welcome Ibrahim! Logically, you need historical facts to support your debate arguments. I’m confused, what kind of métal bands do you like?

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We all hate history lessons :joy: it was my nightmare at school haha

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Hahahahaha true! Well i prefer some of the clasic metal bands like motorhead, judas priests, mehadeth… are you a fan?

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I agree with you 100% but try a history course at uni and you might change you’re mind


I like à couple of manowar tracks. Master of the wind and Heart of Steel. Also a couple of tracks of Metallica. It’s not my favorite genre but I can appreciate it

So I’m deducing you don’t like debates?

I love history lessons


Yes since many times open debates gets you nowhere you just lose time

It depends what the debate is. Very often the whole goal of a debate is not to convince the other person that you are right or wrong but to learn how to build arguments and defend them properly. It also helps you grow and learn.