Continuing the Momentum: Highlights from Our August ENI Collective Meetup

On Monday, August 21st, our vibrant community reconvened for the eagerly anticipated second ENI Collective Meetup. With participants hailing from 4 different countries (Lebanon :lebanon:, Tunisia :tunisia:, Jordan :jordan:, and Palestine :palestinian_territories:), the stage was set for an engaging session filled with updates, announcements, and thought-provoking discussions. :sparkle: This blog post captures the essence of our gathering, showcasing the exciting activities and valuable insights shared among our dynamic group.

Fun and Imaginative Game:
To kick off the meetup, we decided to inject some lighthearted fun into the proceedings. Our participants were tasked with selecting an animal from a photo that they felt best represented their organization. The room buzzed with enthusiasm as hippos :hippopotamus:, elephants :elephant:, giraffes :giraffe:, camels :dromedary_camel:, and even animals which don’t exist in the original photo were chosen and drawn. :paintbrush: This imaginative exercise set the tone for an event brimming with creativity and diverse perspectives.

Sharing Announcements and Projects:
With the energy flowing, it was time for us to update one another on our ongoing work and current projects. Each participant took the opportunity to share exciting announcements and provide insights into the initiatives they were actively involved in. The room was abuzz with a sense of collaboration and support as we celebrated each other’s achievements and exchanged ideas for potential partnerships.

  • Spark are calling entrepreneurs to join SPARK’s Innovation Hub.

  • :lebanon: Bloom’s Ecosystem Content Collaborations underway!

  • :palestinian_territories: Station J has announced the opening of their new innovation space.

  • :lebanon: PPI are planning their networking events for Q3, stay tuned for more info.

  • :palestinian_territories: Intersect Innovation Hub is launching a regional mentors’ network initiative in collaboration with Bloom.

Collective Intelligence Session:
A highlight of the meetup was our collective intelligence session, where we delved deep into the concept of innovation. Engaging in a thought-provoking discussion, we explored the definition and criteria of innovation as perceived by Business Support Organizations like ours. Questions surrounding the relationship between innovation and technology were pondered, challenging conventional notions and opening new avenues for exploration. This session sparked lively debates and encouraged us to expand our horizons when envisioning innovation within our respective domains.

Bidding Farewell with Excitement:
True to our cherished bloom rituals, we concluded the event with a lively group photo, capturing the spirit of unity and camaraderie that permeated throughout the meetup. The shared excitement for our upcoming gathering next month was palpable, leaving us eager to reconvene and continue our journey of collaboration, learning, and growth.