Event: Bridging Business and Social Entrepreneurs to Build Better Systems for All by Ashoka!


How can business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs collaborate to create systems that work for everyone?

Join us for a LIVE conversation with James C. Rhee, author, teacher, private equity investor, CEO, and member of Ashoka’s Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur Network, and Ashoka’s Njideka U. Harry

On April 9, James launched his book, “red helicopter: a parable for our times.” Red helicopter portrays the unprecedented reinvention of ailing retailer Ashley Stewart: During his seven-year tenure as its unlikely CEO, James turned the twice-bankrupt company into a thriving, entrepreneurial, and highly profitable organization.

The key to this reinvention: He empowered everyone in the organization to be entrepreneurial changemakers, by infusing the company with the basic principles of kindness and agency, and by building the math and governance systems to support it.

Ashoka will invite James to share the how-to’s of this journey and answer key questions like: How can every entrepreneur use kindness and math to build thriving, changemaking organizations? What systemic change do we need to create environments where everyone can be a changemaker? And how can collaborations between the social and business sectors drive this change?

Join and bring your questions for James and Ashoka! To get ready for the conversation, check out www.redhelicopter.com to find the free prelude!

Register through this link.