Fireside Q&A: Aurore Belfrage Investor At Busy B Ventures

The format:
Join us for an online conversation packed with great insights about the life of a startup and ways to make it work. We will start with a 10 min max intro about Aurore’s work and vision of the Startup ecosystem and then we dive into community questions. You can ask anything you want :slight_smile:

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The guest:
Aurore Belfrage is experienced and slightly obsessive about building tech businesses, either as a co-founder or investor. She’s a news junkie, ex-scrap dealer, speechwriter & aubergine lover.

Aurore started her operational career as a scrap dealer in Stena Metall Group where she was managing director for the Czech and Italian markets. Aurore until recently headed up Early Stage at EQT Ventures ($630m). She co-founded the hyped global gift card startup Wrapp with Skype founder Zennström and Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman as early investors.

She lived in Saudi Arabia as a child and above and beyond being an avid aubergine craving tourist in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey she manages a portfolio of Middle Eastern tech startups and investor clients at Busy B Ventures.
During 2014-2015 she partnered with the current affairs site Your Middle East and hosted a successful Middle East no-nonsense roadshow across 9 markets about startups and the power of entrepreneurship “Saluting the Crazy and Naïve”. Check out her blog


Exciting! Aurore is such a great person … a wealth of experience, and ideas, and positivity, and support … with a love for supporting startups, and a particular love for Lebanon and the Middle East!

I look forward to the call! :slight_smile: Come join!


We’re starting! Join us
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  • What are the 3 most important things that you would like a startup to communicate with you during a pitch.
  • Would you like the presentation to be interactive or a "go through the slides" then questions at the end kind of presentation
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@bilal question for Aurore:
What is your advice for “the right time” to fundraise!

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Q: Aurore, what are some great stories / examples of bootstrapping teams (creative ways of making money to self-fund operations)?

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Late for the meeting, when is the next meeting

That’s very interesting and a good beginning of tech and a wealth of experience


Never fear I’m uploading the video and will add it here soon. Feel free to ask questions here as Aurore will be coming back on soon to answer them :slight_smile:

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Aorore how can fund raise be giving to start similarly business

What to say in pitch: Always assume that the investor will say no. That way you’ll better use the time to convince her/him of a yes. You have 30-60 secs to in a genuine way impress and earn more of the investors attention. That means start with your “unfair advantage”: something that is amazing, it could be the tech or a kpi or an understanding you have of the the clients. This does NOT mean that you should bombard your audience with all the favts in 30secs!! Be honest about how people listen, taken in information and tailor your story carefully to get max impact. If your in early stages your main asset is YOU, so make sure they see a great person, that calmly describes a great opportunity and serms to have a realistic AND visionary plan of how to execute.