Kharzaya fundraising Events

Hello guyssss

Kharzaya team is interested to share first part of our fundraising events running in South Lebanon (Saida, Sarafand, Nabatyieh and Tyre)

Waiting for your opinion :relaxed:

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calligraphy theatre moon%20candle mars%20candle dress%20alien story%20telling story%20telling%20english%20ver liink%20the%20star

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Hi @HodaBitar the designs look nice. Are there links for more information? Price, agenda, target age, etc?


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Hello @DMN
Agenda: humty dumty entertainment
Kharzaya discovery (arts and crafts time)

Price :25$ / ticket

Links (waiting for our partner to approve it)

Ok, … still am confused / unclear. Don’t feel like I have enough information to give much feedback. My two general comments though, and relevant for many teams, is:

  1. There are many events here, but scheduling so many at the same time seems that (a) it will take a lot of your time, and (b) if you announce them all at the same time, then it might be more difficult to learn from each one to improve the following activities.
  2. Just make sure that each event is intentionally, consciously furthering your startup effort … not just fundraising for it. If fundraising is distracting you from startup work, then it could end up being problematic.

As a quick anecdote: For crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter, Zoomaal, Indiegogo, etc), if a team is making a web app, but they’re giving away t-shirts, then all the time/money/effort/problem-solving related to making and sending the t-shirts is actually a big time waste from what the team actually needs to be working on … which is building a web-app. Make sense?

Hope some of that is helpful for you, Hoda and team. :slight_smile:

Hello Hoda, the themes are really nice and the effort as well! My comment is that you need to say what are you trying to do and how people that are attending will be actually helping out… all the best to you!!

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