🌍 New Africa Fund - 💰 $50K 💰 - Apply before May 1st, 2024!

The New Africa Fund seeks to support African civil society by providing grants to local NGOs, CBOs, and social enterprises. The NAF does not fund projects, rather we look at the organization and its mission as a whole. We seek organizations with a deep commitment to the NAF’s values and areas of intervention and aim to give them the tools to grow and develop exponentially. Our principal tool for that is our Venture Philanthropy Grants.

The goal of the Venture Philanthropy Grants is to assist organizations with a clear mission, capacity to do their work, and a history of achievement. These funds are intended to give these organizations stable funding with the idea that they will be able to use that time to grow and become sustainable.

Once a grantee has been identified they will receive funding for two years with the possibility of receiving funding for a maximum of four years depending on agreed upon performance indicators. The maximum grant allowed is 25% of the organization’s overall operating budget (based on a five-year average) up to a maximum amount of $50,000. In rare cases the NAF can fund up to 35% of the organization’s budget in the first year, but that will be reduced in year two.