Study and Career Opportunities Virtual Fair

The ‘Study and Career Opportunities Virtual Fair’ is planned to take place online on Thursday, 8 December 2022, from 11:00 am until 19:00 (GMT+2).

The objective is to connect higher education students and alumni, in particular refugees and vulnerable youth, from all majors and degrees across Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey with study, scholarship, volunteering, internship, professional development, and career opportunities on a local, regional, European and international level.

The virtual fair will be hosted on a virtual platform, structured like an actual event venue with exhibition halls, interactive booths, and an auditorium hosting a series of online talks and panels throughout the event. You will have the chance to meet and chat with the exhibitors from 11:00 until 19:00 (GMT+2) on 8 December 2022!

Discover more about the virtual fair, the exhibitors, and the online talks and panels program. To learn more and to register, check